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Zildjian ALCHEM-E Electronic Drum Kit

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Model: Bronze EX

Price:  $ 4,499.99 
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Model: Gold

Price:  $ 5,999.99 
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Model: Gold EX

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The world’s most immersive electronic drumming experience, 400 years in the making…

Zildjian has created the most realistic, authentic, immersive playing experience with a full range of electronic hybrid kits, from our more compact Bronze EX, to our flagship ALCHEM-E Gold EX, each kit showcases the revolutionary Zildjian E-FAMILY cymbals and the feature-filled Zildjian E-VAULT drum module.

Zildjian ALCHEM-E Series electronic drum kits use the industry’s most responsive triggering configuration, allowing you to play with unparalleled nuance and realism. Whether you’re an aspiring drummer looking to level up your experience or a seasoned pro wanting the ultimate in authenticity, or anywhere in between, the lineup of Zildjian ALCHEM-E Series kits has you covered.

*Full Kits include select hardware including cymbal boom stands, module stand, and tom mount(s)


**HiHat stand, snare stand, bass drum pedal, and drum throne are NOT included

3 Configurations to choose from:


• Compact, portable shell dimensions

• A durable, stylish matte black wrap

• Poplar/basswood construction


• Full-sized acoustic shells for maximum stage presence and acoustic feel

• 7-ply North American Maple shell construction

• Custom Black Gold Foundry Shimmer lacquer finish

• Easy electronic-to-acoustic conversion - drums feature acoustic resonant heads, so transitioning to an acoustic

set up is as easy as swapping out the mesh batter heads and adjusting a few lug screws for a true, hybrid drum


NEW Zildjian E-FAMILY Cymbals

• Using proprietary algorithm-driven technology known as the Zildjian™ Trigger System, Zildjian E-FAMILY


cymbals provide vastly superior sensitivity and response compared to any traditional rubber or metal


cymbal pad on the market


• Alloy cymbals crafted in our Norwell, MA foundry are available in true-to-life sizes and feature advanced


sensor technology to give drummers an experience unlike anything available on the market today, and


something many never even thought possible


• Drummers and audiences alike will be BLOWN AWAY...

*Zildjian E-FAMILY cymbals are ONLY compatible with Zildjian E-VAULT module


NEW Zildjian E-VAULT Electronic Drum Module


• The new Zildjian E-VAULT drum module creates a level of authenticity of sound that completely


immerses you into the playing experience


• Making advances on time-tested sampling techniques, the Zildjian E-VAULT sound library offers an


expansive collection of carefully curated, high-quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds


• Best of all, you’ll have access to nearly the entire catalog of Zildjian cymbals (past, present, AND future)


to create and update your dream set up and dial in your personal sound


• All of this is accessible through intuitive, ergonomic navigation and a premium 5” color touch display


• Available exclusively with the all new Zildjian ALCHEM-E drum kits featuring Zildjian E-FAMILY cymbals

Module Features

• Professionally pre-configured kits with loads of customizable user kits

• Bluetooth audio connectivity

• Expand your setup with 6 drum inputs and 6 cymbal inputs

• 8 balance individual audio outputs

• Midi In/Out via USB and 5-Pin DIN jacks

• 8-Channel USB-C out

• Auxiliary input

• 32GB of built-in memory

• Upload and swap data with included USB flash drive

• On-board mixer

• Ambiance, EQ, and compressions adjustability

• Separate headphone and main output mixes and volume

***Module only available as part of full kits, NOT sold separately at this time

WARNING:This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to