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Promark Rebound 2B FireGrain Drum Sticks

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Promark's Rebound Series takes familiar sticks that you know and love and adds an extra-long taper to them, providing some extra bounce and responsiveness without fundamentally changing the tone of the stick or the role it's designed to play!

Promark 2Bs are a weighty stick with a wide profile and an oval tip that provides a lot of body and bulk to your tone. This pairs well with the Rebound variation's long taper, allowing for extra rebound with a stick that still provides plenty of body!

The FireGrain series goes through an additional hardening process in which the natural wood is exposed to fire in order to maintain the original weight, dimensions, and feel while creating a stick that is more durable and lasts longer than the original.

Length: 16"

Diameter: 0.625"