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DRUMSET Magazine is the newest print publication from the Percussive Arts Society. 

This new magazine is designed to educate and inspire today’s drumset players who come from a variety of backgrounds and who want to consume high-quality drumming content full of context and history that goes beyond simplistic online tutorials and Reels. DRUMSET Magazine was created to cut through the noise.

Inside this issue:

  • Nic Collins
  • Roni Kaspi
  • Q Robinson
  • Cozy Cole
  • Vintage Corner: Cozy Cole’s Kit
  • How to Tune a Bass Drum
  • Drumset Beat: Events and News

Our vision for DRUMSET Magazine is clear: to become your ultimate print resource. Inside these pages, you’ll find comprehensive articles, exclusive interviews with top drummers, enlightening tutorials, and captivating historical content. We cover the full spectrum of drumming styles and genres, ensuring DRUMSET Magazine speaks to drummers of all backgrounds and skill levels.

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