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INTRODUCING…. DRUMSET MAGAZINE. We’ve been keeping it a surprise, but today is the day. We launched a new PRINT magazine focused on drummers and the drumset art. Why? Here’s an excerpt from our intro letter in the magazine:

“In an era dominated by digital media, you might wonder why we’ve decided to launch a print magazine in 2023. The answer is simple: our unwavering dedication to the art of drumming and our commitment to providing an exceptional experience. Amid the digital wave, we believe a beautifully crafted, tangible magazine can offer something uniquely meaningful. DRUMSET Magazine is supported by the rich legacy of the Percussive Arts Society (PAS), an organization with a deep depth of knowledge, historical context, and unwavering stability. In a rapidly evolving landscape, we aim to be your steady drumming anchor in the ever-transforming world of drumming.”

Our vision for DRUMSET Magazine is clear: to become your ultimate print resource. Inside these pages, you’ll find comprehensive articles, exclusive interviews with top drummers, enlightening tutorials, and captivating historical content. We cover the full spectrum of drumming styles and genres, ensuring DRUMSET Magazine speaks to drummers of all backgrounds and skill levels.

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