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Ahead Chavez Arsenal Tenor Pad Blue Gum Rubber and Black S-Hoops

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The Ahead Chavez Arsenal Tenor Pad will help you learn your marching band, drum corps, or indoor drumline book while helping develop correct technique along the way - and you'll look good doing it with this stealthy blue on black visual finish.

The 'spock' drum zone closest to the player is oval-shaped so that it doesn't matter whether you play with five drums or six - either way you're covered. Each of the zones are fitted with gum rubber that accurately feels like a marching tenor head.

A sound chamber is located underneath each zone (only under the proper playing area) that grows in size as the zones get bigger, giving you an audible difference between the pads to help you memorize how a lick sounds. The bigger the zone, the deeper the pitch.

The body of the pad is made of a durable compressed fiberboard that will not break in between the zones. Underneath you'll find three slots that will accept the arms of any standard snare drum stand basket, and foam pads allow you to simply put the pad on a flat surface if you so choose.

The S-Hoops surrounding each zone train you how to play scrapes without hitting rims (you'll know it when you do), and they are also designed to force you to play in areas that won't damage the bearing edges on a real set of drums!