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Pork Pie Percussion Birch 3-Piece Drum Set (22B-12-16FT) in Blue Fade Dip

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This is a shell pack, which means drums only! No cymbals, stands, pedals, or hardware of any kind is included unless otherwise noted.

This birch drum set from Pork Pie is a gorgeous kit with a unique finish that really makes it stand out. The organic stripes with the eye-catching, but understated, fade gives it a demanding presence on stage.

The all-birch shells make for a bright attack that projects and cuts easily in any mix, with a fairly fast decay and a deep low-end punch. This makes for a drum set that performs very well in busier, fuller textures that demand more room for guitars, vocals, or other instruments in the mid-range frequencies.

Pork Pie custom-makes extremely high-quality drums, but they don't come at an absurd price. This gorgeous kit is a great way to get a boutique-quality sound and look without spending thousands of dollars.