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Adams 26" And 29" Fiberglass GEN II Timpani

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The Adams Generation II Professional Timpani are mid-range instruments that are great for high schools, universities, and aspiring professional timpanists looking for quality instruments that you don't need a mortgage to afford. Costs have been kept moderate, but quality abounds with these features:

  • Fiberglass Bowls: lower in weight and less expensive than copper, fiberglass shells have a slightly shorter sustain that makes them ideal for smaller ensembles and venues.
  • Balanced Action Pedal Mechanism: spring tension is used to change the pitch of the heads, and no clutch is needed. The pedal action is smooth, and a spring tension knob at the base of the drum allows you to adjust the tension so that the action remains smooth throughout the entire range of the instrument.
  • Suspension Ring: a single-flanged chrome-plated steel ring supported by thick struts will keep the bowl and the head from warping.
  • Renaissance Heads: these Remo heads have very dark, resonant, warm qualities while still retaining the resilient qualities of a synthetic head. (Steel insert ring)
  • Wheels: the Professional Generation II timpani have a special set of wheels on either side of the pedal, which lock in place while playing. This small but significant innovation makes moving these bulky instruments as easy as possible.
  • Included extras: tuning key, drop cover, mute, tuning gauge