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Adams 26" 29" Revolution Hammered Copper

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The Adams Revolution Timpani are designed for the gigging percussionist, combining portability plus craftsmanship. Several very interesting innovations transform these drums into professional-sounding instruments that happen to be easy to transport, rather than easy to transport drums that sound cheap and flimsy. These instruments are perfect for pit orchestra gigs and percussion recitals/concerts. Here's a rundown of the features:

  • Balanced Action Pedal System: spring tension is used to change the pitch of the heads, and no clutch is needed. The pedal action is smooth, and a spring tension knob at the base of the drum allows you to adjust the tension so that the action remains smooth throughout the entire range of the instrument.
  • Fine Tuning Knob: located within easy reach, this knob can change the pitch slightly higher or lower to keep you perfectly in tune, and can also be used to extend the range of the drum to an octave either way.
  • Removable Bowl: with a flick of the lever on the base and a drop of the pedal, the bowl will easily separate entirely from the base.
  • Maintained Tension: when the bowl is removed from the base, the tension still remains! Pitches can be changed with the fine tuning knob, essentially turning this drum into an updated version of a Baroque timpano. If it ain't Baroque, just pretend it is and nobody will know the difference.
  • Folding Base: with the bowl removed, the legs of the base can be folded back giving you a very compact package to carry.
  • Double-Lock Wheels: the medical-grade heavy duty wheels on this instrument have double locks, meaning that they will neither roll nor swivel. Additionally, locking wheels next to the pedal make moving this cumbersome instrument as easy as possible.
  • Height Adjustment: (bowl attached) by loosening a hex bolt on the base with the included key, the bowl can then be rotated on a threaded column, raising or lowering the bowl by up to eight inches.
  • Hand-Hammered Copper Bowls: made from a single piece of copper without any seams, the bowls are then hammered by hand. Sound waves will slide off of smooth surfaces, but the internal bumps give the bowl enough texture to keep sound waves bouncing around inside, giving you a darker, fuller overall sound.