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Adams 23" Philharmonic Timpani Calfskin Head

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Adams continues to meld the worlds of today and yesteryear with the Philharmonic Dresden Classic Timpani. These instruments from this German city have long been considered to be among the best in the world, and Adams continues that legacy with several features:

  • Strong Struts: the simple, sturdy struts on this instrument will keep anything from warping or bending due to strain.
  • Calfskin Heads: All-natural calfskin has been the preferred material for timpani heads for centuries, and many professional timpanists still hold that opinion.
  • Fine-Tuner: a hand crank within easy reach allows the timpanist to finely tune the pitch when just slightly sharp or flat.
  • Hand-Hammered Copper Bowls: made from a single piece of copper without any seams, the bowls are then hammered by hand. Sound waves will slide off of smooth surfaces, but the internal bumps give the bowl enough texture to keep sound waves bouncing around inside, giving you a fuller overall sound.
  • Dresden-style Pedals: these pedals have a clutch-lock mechanism that allows the pedal to be mechanically locked in place when not in use, keeping the pitch of the drums true. To hold with tradition, this pedal has a ratchet with interlocking metal teeth that will lock in the pitch and hold it true.
  • Wheels: timpani, for all of their glory, are bulky and heavy. Wheels were invented long ago to help people move bulky, heavy objects.
This instrument is 23" in diameter.