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Bergerault 5-Piece Grand Professional Polished Copper Timpani Set

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OUT OF STOCK! Call for ETA (626) 386-5882.

Bergerault Grand Professional Series Timpani are some of the best on the market. With bowls made of seamless cambered red copper that are completely suspended, these drums deliver on resonance and projection with every note, loud or soft.

Grand Professional tuning gauges are reliable and accurate, and they're fully adjustable so you can make sure that they stay in the right place over time. They're placed directly in front of the player so it's instantly easy to tell which note you're on and where you're headed.

The pedal is a perfectly-balanced spring-based pedal that enables very fast and accurate changes, and there are two turning wheels as well as small wheels under the tuning pedal for easy transport. These drums are built from the ground up to perform great in a concert hall.