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Bergerault 3.5 Oct. Signature Silver Vibraphone

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OUT OF STOCK! Call for ETA (626) 386-5882.

The Bergerault 3.5 Octave Signature Vibraphone features bars crafted from an exclusive aluminum alloy and a frame that is easy to move around on the stage and easy to pack up for the next gig.

The bars on this vibe are finished in a matte silver color that gives them a warm tone and keeps stage lights from blinding you. They graduate up the instrument, cover a C3 - F6 range, and come with a standard tuning of A=442.

The ash and aluminum frame highlights both function and form, featuring a built-in motor with a digital display and a silent fan speed slider. The extra-low crossbar reduces flex in the frame when you use the pedal. It's finished with silver color scheme and the aluminum resonators subtly sparkle.

Hydraulic cylinders in the legs let you adjust the height of this instrument from 2' 11" to 3' 6" tall, and it all folds together when you're ready to hit the road. Locking casters easily roll across hard surfaces.

A protective cover is included.